BrainSmart Leadership

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”World Class!” ”Offers unique insight.”  The brain follows certain ground rules, but only few of us have the un­derstanding and ability to put them into practice. Unfortunately, this means that leaders and employees alike are missing out on the keys to fruitful cooperation that boost learning, performance, innovation, and emotion regulation.

This book is an invitation to become a BrainSmart leader – to learn to pick up on and understand social interaction in a new way and to be willing to think and act in a manner that works with the brain’s logic as opposed to against it. The tools in this book will improve your ability to help your organisation through change and create working environments that minimise negative stress, tackle online pressure and respect the brain’s limited capacity. Anette Prehn boldly challenges and provokes standard practice, stressing that leading without proper understanding of the rules of the brain is like leading with your eyes blindfolded.

The question isn’t whether you, as a leader, leave a mark on your employees’ brains, but rather what kind of mark you leave ...  The gems of this book – Why “good” advice often goes unheeded and why feedback is so easily misconstrued – How to promote a flexible mindset when you and everyone around you are stuck in old habits – How to unburden the brain in a busy life and prevent negative stress – How to benefit from becoming an expert at handling the brain’s threat response– How to turn procrastination into productive aha! Moments– Why emotions should be taken with a pinch of salt, while values should be taken deadly seriously–     How your approach to leadership influences the brains of your employees–     How to make your organisation – and this includes you – more brainsmart     This book is an English translation of the bestseller ”Hjernesmart ledelse” by Anette Prehn.

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